Our  Journey

2010 – 2014

The company Green Reeds (Pty) Ltd established the Aquaculture fish farm and was registered in Botswana in 2010.

The company was a completely new venture and the owners,
Pieter and Mari van Graan, decided to invest in Botswana after a longstanding relationship for more than 30 years with beef cattle farmers and the livestock breeding industry in Botswana.

The main vision was to build a flagship project for Botswana;
to optimize the production of fish and specifically protein and
extend the operations to value- added fish products. At the
same time create jobs, contribute to food security in Botswana, contribute to poverty eradication as well as secure much needed currency influx for the country through exports.

Together with well trained staff, they manage all operations on the farm which ranges from managing the current staff component of 50 people, to data capturing, spawning, weighing, feeding, moving, harvesting fish, install, built, erect and manage new developments, irrigation, crop production, etc.

2014 – 2016

The company currently operates the farm under a “commercial farming” sub-lease from Chobe Farms (Pty) Ltd on an area of approximately
162 ha, which is part of the whole Chobe farms.
The fish farm started producing fish in February 2016 after
battling through various challenges, mainly bureaucracy, to
establish the project.

Since the initial start-up two other investors have joined
Green Reeds (Pty) Ltd in January 2017, namely Danish African Development and Chobe Holdings Ltd together with Mr Jonathan Gibson, to form the trading company Golden Wrap (Pty) Ltd.

2017 – Present

The company Golden Wrap (Pty) Ltd has been established
since January 2017 for the purpose of developing and expanding
the existing Chobe Bream Aquaculture Fish Farming
project in Kasane.

After assessing the great demand for fish and specifically protein
in Botswana, it made sense to invest in this globally fast-growing
industry to provide fresh fish to the local market, lodges and tourist facilities as well as distribute to the rest of Botswana.

Our company trades under the name Chobe Bream.
We currently produce fresh whole bream, Oreochromis Andersonii or,
as it is locally known, Three Spot Tilapia and Oreochromis Niloticus or Nile Tilapia.

The Oreochromis Andersonii specie is indigenous to the Chobe Region.
We are the only commercial farms in Botswana to commercially grow the species. Although the specie is a slower grower than fish such as O. Niloticus or O. Mozambicus, it proofs to be popular when it comes to taste.


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