We have recently constructed the first phase of our new expansion project with 20 half-hectare earth ponds, to increase the production of fish to 500 tons of Tilapia per annum eventually.  We plan to install paddle wheel aerators on the earth ponds to increase the oxygen levels in the ponds, thereby doubling our stock and production.

This will enable us to provide a larger amount of fish to fill the ever-growing demand for Tilapia within all of Botswana and neighbouring countries.

The nutrient rich wastewater from the earth ponds is used to produce maize and other crops under a 20ha centre pivot irrigation system. We have also established Banana, Avocado, Papaya and Citrus orchards, as intend to add a restaurant and fishponds for catching fish with rented rods.

The project will utilize about 160ha land on part of the existing, commercial farm owned by Chobe Farms (Pty) Ltd.

The constructed first 20 ponds are earth ponds (not lined) as we have suitable soil quality.  This allows additional nutrients and we fertilize the ponds using organic or inorganic fertilizers to grow algae, which provides constant grazing to the fish.

The fish will also be fed formulated feed to speed up the growth of the fish over a period of 12 months before harvesting.   The added oxygen through aerators will greatly benefit the growth of the fish.

A further addition of 46 earth ponds is planned, which will increase the potential production of up to 600 tons of Tilapia per year.

We also consider adding the production of Catfish, which are also in high demand from the rest of Africa.

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